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Our Priorities

Our Vision:

Our Mission:

Our Values:

Our Priorities

Our Vision

In Hamilton, all people living with FASD have the opportunity to lead full and productive lives as valued and contributing members of the community.

Our Mission

The Hamilton FASD Collaborative exists to prevent FASD, and to build an integrated, evidence-informed system that offers accessible services and life-long supports for people affected by FASD.

Our Values

(Adopted from the Nishnawbe Aski Nation)

  • Promote Hope

  • Show Respect

  • Have Understanding

  • Have Compassion

  • Develop Cooperation

Our Priorities October 2019-2022

  • Ensure better, more consistent information for caregivers

  • Develop a common understanding amongst key service systems/ providers about how to work together

  • Energize the Hamilton FASD Collaborative

  • Build diagnostic capacity to ensure early intervention

  • Focus on prevention

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